The iPad Pro is a computer for everything — mostly

Posted by phil on Samedi déc 17, 2016 Under IPAD, The IPhone Blog

After a year of using IPAD Pro, the pros outweigh the cons. On Wednesday, MacStories’s Federico Viticci published a retrospective on using the 12.9-inch IPAD Pro as his primary computer for a year: There’s no doubt in mind now: the IPAD Pro is the best computer I’ve ever owned not only because it’s powerful, but because iOS apps unlock a different kind of productivity on the big screen. More than any other IPAD before, the IPAD Pro is the strongest argument in favor of iOS for as a primary computing platform. As someone who also spent the better part of the year working on IPAD Pro, I have to agree. The potential of the IPAD platform remains huge, but Apple has made great strides in realizing some of that potential, giving its users more control over the last twelve months. Thanks to third-party apps like Workflow, I’ve been able to recreate — and in some cases, better — daily work tasks. The IPAD has also succeeded in focusing my productivity where the Mac scattered it,…

Source: The IPhone Blog

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