Super Mario Run is a modern classic for iPhone

Posted by phil on Jeudi déc 15, 2016 Under The IPhone Blog

Super Mario Run: A fresh, super fun, super approachable take on the classic characters for the modern IPHONE age. I missed out on the early wave of home video game systems, Pong, Atari, and ColecoVision. NES, the Nintendo Entertainment System, was my first. I still remember going with my father to the store, grabbing the box, racing home, and setting it up. And then all I remember after that is Super Mario. I’d played as Mario before in the coin-op arcade games that, back then, were plentiful around town. But having him at home, in a game so ingeniously designed for the system and the living room, was something else entirely. It was the beginning of a new era. Over the years I bought every Nintendo system that followed, and every Mario game released for them, up to the Wii. I was with Mario as he leaped from platformer to 3D explorer, and from gamepad to motion controls. And now I’m with him as he makes his biggest leap — from Nintendo hardware to Apple’s IPHONE. Run, Mario. Ru…

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