Smart Battery Case for iPhone review

Posted by phil on Samedi déc 3, 2016 Under The IPhone Blog

Hating on the hump is easy, getting to the bottom of Apple’s battery case for IPHONE takes a full review. Update: Apple has just released a new Product (RED) version of the Smart Battery Case to benefit World AIDS Day. Check out the new pictures below! The Smart Battery Case, originally introduced last year for the 4.7-inch IPHONE 6s and IPHONE 6, now supports the new IPHONE 7. At launch it generated an incredible amount of internet noise. Much of it was reactionary and superficial. The \ »hump\ » on the back overshadowed the very clever engineering going on, outside and in. Since then, though, it’s become the go-to for people who need extra battery life for trips, conferences, and even everyday life. Even those who mocked the design seem to have been won over by its utility. There’s no version for the 5.5-inch IPHONE Plus size, presumably because that line already benefits from a bigger power reserve. This battery case is intended to even the playing field — to allow you to have y…

Source: The IPhone Blog

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