iMore Best of 2016 Awards

Posted by phil on Mardi déc 27, 2016 Under IPAD, The IPhone Blog

They’re what changed how we worked and how we played. They’re what compelled us to replace the devices on our wrist, in our pocket, on our laps or desks, and in our living rooms. They’re what dictated the look of our home screens and our docks. They’re the devices and features, gear and accessories, and apps and games that filled us with surprise and delight, got us to forget what came before, and made it impossible for us to imagine how we ever lived without them. They’re our 2016 iMore Award winners! Best of the Year Best Apple device: IPHONE 7 Plus IPHONE 7 Plus didn’t just bring a bigger screen and battery this year, it brought a significantly better camera with optical zoom and portrait mode. And that got everyone’s attention. — Rene Ritchie Runner Up: IPAD Pro 9.7-inch Best iOS Feature Portrait Mode iOS packed a ton of great features into its 2016 update, but the best feature of all came in iOS 10.1. Portrait Mode exemplifies the best of Apple’s…

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