How to configure your Apple AirPods

Posted by phil on Mercredi déc 14, 2016 Under IPAD, The IPhone Blog

How do you rename your AirPods and change the double-tap shortcut? With Bluetooth Settings! Apple’s new AirPods are an amazing set of wireless headphones that let you talk and listen on your IPHONE, Apple Watch, IPAD, and Mac — or any Bluetooth compatible device — without having to deal with cords. You can even configure them to make them work just exactly the way you want. Once you figure out where the settings are hidden, of course! How to rename your AirPods How to set the double tap shortcut on your AirPods How to turn off automatic ear detection on your AirPods How to choose which microphone is used by your AirPods How to rename your AirPods Apple will assign a default name to your AirPods the first time you pair them with your IPHONE. If you want to give them a different name, though, you can change it at any time. Launch Settings from your IPHONE‘s Home screen. Tap on Bluetooth. Tap on the current name of your AirPods under My Devices. Tap on Name. Edit the Name …

Source: The IPhone Blog

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