Beginner’s Guide: How to play Super Mario Run

Posted by phil on Vendredi déc 16, 2016 Under The IPhone Blog

Oh yeah! It’s Mario time! Super Mario Run is now available in the App Store for the IPHONE. It is Nintendo’s second mobile game in history (the first being Miitomo) and Mario’s first game on a mobile device. Like any good Super Mario Bros. game, it has plenty of skill-based content: You’ll have to plan your strategy and learn how to time your moves just right if you want to get all of the goodies on any given level. Super Mario Run is free to download. You can play the first three levels of World 1 and 20 seconds of the boss level for free; after that, you’ll have to unlock the rest of the game for $9.99. Believe me, you’ll want to buy this game once you’ve played 30 seconds of the first level. It’ll hook you in! Download Super Mario Run now! There are three modes of gameplay; World Tour, Toad Rally, and kingdom building. Each one assists in unlocking other modes. Completing levels in World Tour unlocks new courses in Toad Rally, which unlocks new Toad colors, which unlocks new bu…

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