How to enable automatic app downloads on Apple TV

Posted by phil on Dimanche nov 13, 2016 Under IPAD, The IPhone Blog

How do you download an app on your IPHONE or IPAD and have it also download on your Apple TV? The answer: automagically! You can set up your Apple TV so that any app you download on your IPHONE or IPAD is also — automatically! — downloaded on your Apple TV. There are a couple of caveats: the developer has to make a version for the Apple TV, and the developer has to bundle it with the iOS apps ·(i.e. not sell and charge for it separately). Lots of apps are like that, though! Even better, Apple has updated its iTunes Link Maker tool to include tvOS apps. That means, even if an app is exclusive to Apple TV, you can still download it from your IPHONE with the proper iTunes link. How to enable automatic downloads on Apple TV In order to download Apple TV apps using your IPHONE, you’ll need to have automatic downloads enabled on your Apple TV. Launch the Settings app on Apple TV Click on Apps. Click on Automatically Install Apps. If the feature is enabled, you will see \ »On\ » next…

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