Camera: The Ultimate Guide

Posted by phil on Mercredi nov 23, 2016 Under IPAD, The IPhone Blog

How do you use the built-in Camera app for IPHONE and IPAD to take amazing photos, panoramas, bursts, time-lapses, videos, slo-mos, and more? We’ll show you! If the IPHONE — or IPAD — is the best camera you have with you, Camera has to be one of the most important apps. With it, you can capture selfies or elsies, squares or panoramas, 4K to slow motion, all with built in high dynamic range (HDR), bursts, filters, grids and more. How to quickly access the Camera on IPHONE and IPAD Unlocking your IPHONE. Going to the Home screen. Tapping the Camera app. It gets you set to take a photo or video, but it’s slow. For those times when you’re in a hurry, when something unexpected, sudden, and marvelous happens, there’s faster camera access. From the Lock screen, from Control Center, with Hey Siri, and with 3D Touch, you can get to the camera more quickly than ever. How to use Lock screen fast camera access How to use Control Center fast camera access How to launch the camera with Hey…

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