Best Touch ID apps for iPhone

Posted by phil on Samedi nov 12, 2016 Under IPAD, The IPhone Blog

Keep your apps conveniently protected with these awesome Touch ID compatible apps for IPHONE! Touch ID lets you unlock your IPHONE or IPAD and buy App Store apps faster than ever. App Store apps also have the ability to integrate Touch ID if they choose. Considering we store lots of personal and sensitive information on our IPHONEs, password protecting certain apps are a necessary evil. Luckily, Touch ID does a great job of balancing protection and convenience. Here are some of the best IPHONE apps that do a great job of integrating Touch ID for your protection. PayPal Evernote 1Password Dashlane LastPass Mint Authy Scanner Pro Documents 5 Day One Dropbox PayPal What better way to for stuff online than PayPal, and what better way to use PayPal on your IPHONE than with Touch ID? You can usually save your PayPal credentials, and if someone gets ahold of your IPHONE, you could be seeing some unusual purchases appear on your next credit card statement. Protect your PayPal accoun…

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