This is why you switched from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone

Posted by phil on Lundi oct 24, 2016 Under The IPhone Blog

Many of our readers who switched from Android to IPHONE came from the super-popular Samsung Galaxy line of phones. So, why did they switch? When I first asked why peoples switched from Android phones for IPHONEs, I figured man who replied would come from having a Samsung. Samsung is popular and there are so many on the market, that the numbers just felt like they would be there. Also, given the recall on Galaxy Note 7, many people were scrambling to find replacement phones — and some of those would have to go IPHONE 7. There are other reasons too, of course. Apple has proven they can deliver IPHONE software and security updates to everyone in the world, all at the same time, which is increasingly important to people. Apple also continues to focus on lifelike photography, which is what some people prefer. It’s also never been easier to make the switch. But what are the reasons that have mattered most to you? Kendall Seabury: Came from an explosive note 7 and I’m using a…

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