The best styluses for iPad

Posted by phil on Lundi oct 31, 2016 Under IPAD, The IPhone Blog

Whether you want to write, draw, sketch, or navigate, there are a bunch of great styluses out there for you. The stylus market is gigantic: It’s full of pens with rubber, mesh, plastic, and disc nibs; some have special features — like palm rejection or pressure sensitivity — that require specific IPAD models, while others can be used on any of Apple’s multitouch surfaces. If you’re in the market for a stylus, which are the best ones out there? Here are my favorites. Apple Pencil For the absolute best drawing and writing experience with the IPAD Pro, you can’t go wrong with the Apple Pencil. It’s sensitive to both pressure and tilt, letting you vary your line weights and shading in different apps. It also provides the best palm rejection technology we’ve ever seen for a stylus, letting you rest your hand on either the 9.7- or 12.9-inch IPAD Pro screen with ease. Underneath the Pencil’s magnetic cap is a Lightning connector for easy pairing and quick-charging with your i…

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