iOS 11 wish list: Free iCloud backups

Posted by phil on Mardi oct 11, 2016 Under IPAD, The IPhone Blog

Buy an IPHONE or IPAD, get free iCloud backup — that would be a huge win for the iOS 11 experience. Once upon a time IPHONE was utterly dependent on iTunes on the PC. It synced everything, it managed everything, and it kept everything backed up. Then came iCloud, which cut the tether and promised us a future post-PC. Flash forward to now and we have IPHONEs that come with up to 256 GB of on-board storage. While iCloud now offers up to 2 TB of storage, the free tier still tops out at 5 GB. What if iOS 11 could change that? Comparing Apples to Googles Google recently made headlines with their new Pixel Phone by Google which, aside from its unabashedly IPHONE-like looks, comes with free, full-resolution backup for all photos. Google, in general, has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to free storage, be it for Gmail back in the day, Drive for years, or Photos now. Apple, on the other hand, introduced iCloud with 5 GB of free storage and, despite cutting prices and upping…

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