How to use Switch Control on iPhone and iPad

Posted by phil on Dimanche oct 2, 2016 Under IPAD, The IPhone Blog

How do you use Switch Control on IPHONE? With accessibility settings! Switch Control is an accessibility feature on IPHONE and IPAD that allows folks with limited mobility to have full use of their device with the help of ability switches and other adaptive devices. Items on the screen are sequentially highlighted and can be activated by tapping, moving your head in front of the selfie camera, or pressing adaptive switches. You can also use point scanning and gestures, like pinching to zoom. You can even use multiple switches. Here’s how to use Switch Control! Note: Switch Control is easiest to set up if you pair your adaptive device first in your IPHONE or IPAD‘s Bluetooth menu. How to enable Switch Control How to add a new switch How to delete a switch How to create a new recipe How to change scanning style How to change Auto Scanning Time How to enable Pause on First Item How to change the number of loops How to enable Move Repeat How to enable and change the duration of Long…

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