How to use Portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus

Posted by phil on Mardi oct 25, 2016 Under The IPhone Blog

What exactly is Portrait mode on the IPHONE 7 Plus, and how do you use it? Here’s everything you need to know. If you’ve been lucky enough to get your hands on an IPHONE 7 Plus and iOS 10.1, you have access to iOS’s newest camera feature: Portrait mode. Exclusively available for the IPHONE 7 Plus, this mode shoots with the 56mm-equivalent \ »telephoto\ » lens on your IPHONE; as such, it only works in fair- or brightly-lit conditions (though you can trick it to fire by shooting in low-light with bright light sources nearby). NOTE: Though many (myself included) have argued that this system is closer in comparison to a normal or portrait lens than a true telephoto, I understand Apple’s intentions here: Because they’re marketing the lens in conjunction with a 2x feature, it may seem more appropriate to call it \ »tele\ » than \ »normal\ » or \ »portrait\ » to the average user — especially considering Apple’s\ »Portrait\ » feature that utilizes both lenses. For that reason, I’m referring to the lens as A…

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