How to set up and use Find My Mac

Posted by phil on Vendredi oct 21, 2016 Under The IPhone Blog

Lost your Mac or suspect it’s been stolen? Find it, lock it, and erase it with Find My Mac! Find My Mac is the best way to find and protect your lost or stolen Mac. All you need is your Apple ID, another computer or your IPHONE, and you’ll be able to locate your Mac, lock it, or erase all of its data. Here’s how to set up and use Find My Mac! How to enable Find My Mac How to locate your Mac using Find My Mac on the web How to Lock your Mac How to erase your Mac How to enable Find My Mac You have to set up Find My Mac before your Mac goes missing; otherwise, it’s useless. You’ll first need to make sure you Location Services are enabled: Click the Apple menu button () on the top left of your screen. Click System Preferences. Click Security & Privacy. Click the lock in the bottom left corner and type in the administrator’s password to make changes. Make sure the checkbox next to Enable Location Services is checked. Now enable Find My Mac: Click the Apple menu button (…

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