How to enable Spoken Text on iPhone and iPad

Posted by phil on Mardi oct 4, 2016 Under IPAD, The IPhone Blog

How do you get your IPHONE to read text out loud? With a flick of an accessibility switch! For those with low or no vision, reading text on an IPHONE or IPAD can be difficult at best, if not downright impossible. Accessibility can help. There’s a feature called \ »Speech\ » that will read out words on a page, read out the whole page, and more. Here’s how to use it! How to enable Speak Selection How to use Speak Selection How to enable Speak Screen How to use Speak Screen How to enable highlighted content with spoken text How to enable character feedback How to enable character hints How to change the character feedback delay How to enable spoken words while typing How to enable Speak Auto-text How to enable spoken predictions How to change the spoken text voice How to change the speaking rate for spoken text How to add pronunciations How to enable Speak Selection Speak Selection allows you to select bits of text on a screen to be read aloud to you. Launch Settings from your Home sc…

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