Hands-on with the 2016 MacBooks Pro!

Posted by phil on Vendredi oct 28, 2016 Under The IPhone Blog

Faster, lighter, smaller — with Touch ID and an all-new Touch Bar that puts context sensitive controls at the tips of your fingers. Apple wasn’t supposed to have another event this year. Infinity Loop’s Town Hall venue was given a send-off with IPHONE SE back in March. But then the months rolled on, WWDC passed and so did the September event, and there was still one more thing waiting — new MacBooks Pro. So, \ »Hello Again\ ». One last event for 2016. One last hurrah for Town Hall. And one last product announcement before the holidays. Accessibility The October event kicked off with an accessibility video, shot and edited by someone who lives on and depends on accessible technology every day. It was magnificent, not just in terms of its technical look, pacing, and emotion, but as a reminder of how important inclusivity is to technology. I wish every company, at every event, would highlight accessibility the way Apple does. It’s important for all of us. Apple TV Before App…

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