Best Wallet-Friendly Credit Card-Sized Battery Chargers

Posted by phil on Vendredi oct 28, 2016 Under The IPhone Blog

The benefits of a power bank in one small, compact package! If you find your phone often tapped out of battery power, no doubt you’ve probably looked into portable power banks. If you like the idea of having extra power with you, but dislike having to carry around the extra weight, you may love these super small and thin power packs! GMYLE Ultra-Thin PowerJet Ultra-Compact pocket power bank TravelCard Charger Lankoo power bank GMLYE Ultra-Thin The GMYLE Ultra-Thin power pack has a capacity of 2,500mAh, which is more than enough to extend your IPHONE‘s battery life for a marathon session of Pokémon GO. The GMYLE is only about 5mm thick and about the same width and height as a credit card, so you don’t have to worry about finding space to carry this thing around. It starts around $17 and comes with a built-in Lightning cable and even a Micro-USB cable, which saves you the trouble of keeping track of your charging cords for all your devices. See at Amazon PowerJet Ultra-Co…

Source: The IPhone Blog

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