Best 9.7-inch iPad Pro cases

Posted by phil on Samedi oct 8, 2016 Under IPAD, The IPhone Blog

Your new IPAD Pro is an investment and if you want to protect it as best you can, but which cases will allow you to do that? Odds are that you will want to protect your new 9.7-inch IPAD Pro with a case, whether it be one that adds a keyboard or a kickstand, or is just decorative and protective. The third-party accessory market surrounding new Apple product launches is constantly growing, and there are generally tons of options available. Sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start, so let’s take a look at some of the best cases available for the smaller IPAD Pro! Apple Smart Keyboard The IPAD Pro is great for various aspects of productivity, and the Smart Keyboard case makes it a pleasure to type on. Apple has included a new Smart Connector on the IPAD Pro line of tablets, and so far the accessory that best utilizes it is the keyboard. It comes with just a keyboard that attaches to the IPAD with the Smart Connectors, so if you are looking for some additional protection you’ll n…

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