Apple Watch Series 2: Second opinion review

Posted by phil on Jeudi oct 6, 2016 Under IPAD, The IPhone Blog

Apple Watch is still shuttlecraft to IPHONE‘s starship, but now it has more range and capabilities than ever! IPHONE 3G or IPAD 2? That’s the question that’s been rolling around in my mind since about a second after Apple announced the original Watch. Would the next generation hardware add missing features, like IPHONE, or redefine the feature, like IPAD? I loved the original Watch, just like I loved the original IPHONE and IPAD, but Apple never nails a product the first time out. No matter what they think a product is, it’s not until millions of customers get their hands on it and start using it that what the product really is is revealed. With IPHONE and IPAD, Apple had the benefit of ten, arguably terrible, years of other smartphones and tablets to learn from, and it still took them a year to get to 3G and GPS, and to thinner, faster, and lighter. There were only a couple of years of smartwatches before Apple Watch, though, so instead of learning from the early adopters, Apple …

Source: The IPhone Blog

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