iPhone 8 rumor roundup

Posted by phil on Jeudi sept 29, 2016 Under The IPhone Blog

When is IPHONE 8 being released? What will the specs be? Will it have special features? Here’s everything we know! IPHONE 7s — IPHONE 8 — IPHONE X — whatever Apple ends up calling the next and \ »tenth anniversary\ » IPHONE, it’s expected next fall, and with a new design and new set of features. But what will they be? Note: This article is continuously updated to include the latest news and rumors. Bookmark it, save it, share it, and check back often! What will the next IPHONE be called? If Apple sticks to the same pattern the company has been using since 2010, the 2016 IPHONE 7 will be followed by the 2017 IPHONE 7s. IPHONE: 2007 IPHONE 3G: 2008 IPHONE 3GS: 2009 IPHONE 4: 2010 IPHONE 4s: 2011 IPHONE 5: 2012 IPHONE 5s: 2013 IPHONE 6: 2014 IPHONE 6s: 2015 IPHONE 7s: 2016 Any pattern can be broken, of course, and Apple can ultimately call any IPHONE anything the company wants —IPHONE Pro, Apple Phone, etc. Because it’s rumored to be an all new design, it’s possible Apple wil…

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