How to AirDrop files between iPhone and iPad

Posted by phil on Jeudi nov 6, 2014 Under IPAD, The IPhone Blog

AirDrop lets you easily transfer files between compatible IPHONEs, IPADs, and Macs. As long as all devices have the feature enabled and are within proximity of each other, you can use AirDrop. Not only does AirDrop except much larger file transfers than traditional email and messaging, transfers are typically a lot quicker. So next time you want to transfer that video you took on your IPHONE to your IPAD, forget the cables and cloud storage, just use AirDrop instead! Here’s how! In order to transfer files between IPHONE and IPAD via AirDrop, remember that you need a compatible device and be running iOS 7 or later. Currently the following iOS devices are supported for AirDrop — IPHONE 5 or later IPAD 4th generation or later IPAD mini, all generations iPod touch 5th generation You’ll also need to make sure that AirDrop is enabled on both your IPHONE and IPAD, or whatever combination of devices you’d like to use AirDrop with. In iOS, you can easily do this via Control Center by choosing either Everyone or Contacts Only. How to transfer files between IPHONE and IPAD with AirDrop Find the file you’d like to send with AirDrop. This can be a photo, video, contact card, or pretty much anything else that’s available to be shared. Tap the Share button. Choose the contact you’d like to AirDrop. Once it finishes you should see a Sent message underneath it. Note: Originally published, January 2014. Updated, November 2014.

Source: The IPhone Blog

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