Electronic Arts is rolling out a new and big update for the strategy game Plants Vs Zombies 2 for the IPHONE and IPAD, adding a bunch of new levels, along with many new varieties of plants and zombies, to the mix. Here’s a look at what’s new in this update: BigWave Beach Part 1 has hit shore! Dive into 16 gnarly levels with new plants, zombies and more. And discover the Lawn of Doom! 4 fresh plants, including the return of Chomper 6 new zombies, like beachy-keen Bikini Zombie and the most beautiful imp of all, Mermaid Imp The all-new Bowling Bulb mini-game – get ready to roll Dynamic high and low tides that change throughout each level Spooky Halloween-themed costumes in Lawn of Doom Piñata Parties (starting October 24) •*The Costume Changer – dress your plants up or down A limited-time premium plant, Ghost Pepper What is your opinion on this new content update for Plants vs Zombies 2? *Free – Download now

Source: The IPhone Blog

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