Thrill-seeking adventurers can now livestream what they’re doing in real time with a GoPro Hero camera thanks to the Livestream app, which now supports live broadcasting of what’s currently being captured by your GoPro to a connected IPHONE app. Thanks to the Livestream app and the GoPro camera, you can share moments like a concert or a performance to your audience in real time without any delays. Currently in version 3.8, the Livestream app brings the following features: GoPro Hero® live streaming: Broadcast live from a GoPro Hero® camera via your IPHONE‘s 4G connection Camera lock feature to avoid accidental touches while streaming Improved broadcasting experience Do you have a GoPro camera to go along with your shiny IPHONE? What will be some of the things you will want to Livestream with your followers? Free – Download now Source: Livestream blog

Source: The IPhone Blog

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