How to take time-lapse videos with iPhone or iPad

Posted by phil on Vendredi oct 24, 2014 Under IPAD, The IPhone Blog

If you’ve ever seen a video of clouds rolling across a sky quickly, you’re already familiar with the wonders of time-lapse captures. Photos are taken at intervals over time in order to put together a high speed video of sorts. If you have an IPHONE 5s, IPHONE 6, IPHONE 6 Plus, or IPAD Air 2, you can take time lapse videos as well! Better yet, the software behind the Camera app’s time lapse mode is super smart and even chooses the best intervals possible for you. So shoot as long as you like, and the Camera app will take care of the rest! How to create a time-lapse video on your IPHONE or IPAD Before beginning, make sure that your IPHONE or IPAD supports time-lapse mode. For IPHONE users, this includes IPHONE 5 and newer. For IPADs, this includes ??? Launch the Camera app on your IPHONE or IPAD running iOS 8 or higher. Enter time-lapse mode by swiping all the way to the right so the time-lapse option is yellow. Tap on the record button to start your time-lapse. Let it go until you’re ready to stop it. This may be a 15 second period, or much longer. When you’re done capturing, tap the record button again to end the time-lapse. That’s all there is to it. iOS will now put together your time-lapse video which will be available in the Photos app any time you’d like to view it. You can also share it with friends and family via messages, email, on social media, or by other means. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

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