iOS 8 has made it easier than ever to send both photo and video selfies with the help of the Messages app. Literally, a swish and a flick and your message is on its way to the recipient! How to send selfies and videos faster than ever with iOS 8 Launch the Messages app on your IPHONE or IPAD running iOS 8 or higher. Tap on the text thread you’d like to send a selfie or video to. Tap and hold on the camera icon that’s located to the left of the text entry field. Slide your finger up to take a photo and send it on its way. Slide your finger to the right to start taking a video. When you’re done, release your finger and it’ll be on it way. Alternately, you can lift your finger up and tap the flip camera icon in the top right to take a photo or video of something other than yourself. If you don’t want to send the recorded video or want to cancel sending a photo, lift your finger up without sliding up or down. Then simply tap the x in order to cancel. As always, you can short tap on the camera icon in order to attached an existing photo or video.

Source: The IPhone Blog

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