Drafts, the popular iOS note capturing app, has just launched a big new update. Drafts 4 is now available for both the IPHONE and IPAD and it’s currently priced at $4.99 until October 23, when it will go up to its normal $9.99 price tag. Here’s a list of a few of the highlights in Drafts 4: New, Universal, fully-adaptive app that may be one of the first to truly shine on the new IPHONEs – especially the 6 Plus. Location data (creation/modification) and version histories stored for all drafts. Actions are now multi-step. The kind of advanced actions that previously required complicated chaining of URLs can now be easily setup. Basically, anything that was an \ »Action\ » in previous versions of Drafts is now a single step and can be combined with other steps in a single action – so you can setup things like \ »post to Twitter, post to Facebook, log to Dropbox\ » in a single tap. Organizing/Creating actions is done right in the action list and much simpler and more customizable than before. JavaScript support to manipulate text for advanced functionality. Great new Action Directory with commenting and \ »Post to Directory\ » functionality in app to share user-created actions. Share/Today extensions. Support for document picker import/export. What do you think of this rather large update? $4.99 until October 23, then $9.99 – Download now

Source: The IPhone Blog

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