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Staying on task isn’t always easy, especially when you have a hectic schedule to juggle. While in-depth project management apps work for some people, lots of folks just want a simple reminder and task app that helps them get things done on time. From shopping lists to remembering homework assignments and meetings, reminder and task apps can keep you on schedule so you never miss a deadline again. However, depending on your needs, one reminder app may be better than another. These are the best IPHONE apps to choose from as far as reminder and task apps are concerned! Fantastical 2 Fantastical 2 combines your calendar and reminders into one easy to use and beautiful app. Aside from combining two of your most used productivity tools into one, Fantastical 2 offers snooze options, natural language support, TextExpander support, and much more. When it comes to reminders and tasks, Fantastical offers much of the functionality the Reminders app offers but in a much more intuitive and well put together package. It’s simple, elegant, and to the point. If you like the functionality of the stock Reminders app but want a better experience, you want Fantastical 2. $4.99 – Download Now See also: Fantastical 2 for IPAD, $9.99 – Download Now Fantastical for Mac, $19.99 – Download Now Evernote Evernote is more than just a note taking app and is also capable of serving up reminders if you need it to. Not only that, creating a reminder in Evernote got even easier with iOS 8 since you can add the Evernote widget to Notification Center. Just swipe down and tap on reminder in order to launch right into creating a reminder in Evernote. You can even add reminders to existing notes so they are brought to your attention when they need to be. Not only that, Evernote is heavily supported both in third party apps and across several platforms. If you already use Evernote for note taking, it may be your best option for reminders too. Free with option subscriptions – Download Now See also: Evernote for Mac, Free – Download Now Wunderlist Not only does Wunderlist have an IPHONE and IPAD app, but Mac and Windows apps also. You can even log in through a web browser and have access to your tasks from anywhere. Wunderlist has all the features of a traditional task app, but keeps clutter out of your way. For example, you can create different lists and projects but dump things in an inbox to sort later. Wunderlist also has a collaboration feature that allows you to mark up and leave notes on tasks for colleagues and anyone else you’re sharing lists with. If you don’t need location based reminders but would like a little more control over sorting and sharing tasks, go with Wunderlist. Free with optional subscriptions – Download Now Due Due has one main goal, to remind you when you need to be doing something. That’s it. When it comes to setting timers for reminders, you’ll be hard pressed to find an app that lets you do it faster than due. Working as a series of reusable egg timers, Due lets you set alarms quickly and easily. When one goes off, you’ll get a notification. You can also use smart badges inside due so you know at a glance at the icon how many tasks or timers you have remaining for the day. Due supports cloud sync so all your timers stay in sync across IPHONE, IPAD, and Mac if you’d like them to. For simple, to the point, and easy to use reminders, you want Due. $4.99 – Download Now See also: Due for Mac, $9.99 – Download Now Clear Not only is Clear super simple to use, it’s gesture-based navigation lets you get things done with ease. A simple pull down action lets you create a new task or list. Just keep hitting enter between items to create multiple tasks inside the same list. There’s also iCloud support which means your Clear task lists stay in sync across all your iOS devices and your Mac. If you choose, you can also activate the Clear widget in Notification Center to see a look at all your tasks in just a swipe. If you love gestures, you’ll love planning your day with Clear. $4.99 – Download Now See also: Clear for Mac, $9.99 – Download Now Any.DO Any.DO gives you options but doesn’t demand complexity. For example, you can sort tasks into folders if you want to, but you don’t have to. You can mark things as important and share tasks with friends. Any.DO also supports both location-based and timed reminders just like the built-in Reminders app does. All your tasks will sync to your Any.DO account which you can either create or use in conjunction with your Facebook or Google accounts. Any.DO also offers a Chrome browser extension so you can access your reminders and tasks in a click from any computer that supports Chrome. For flexibility and organization options that don’t sacrifice usability, give Any.DO a try. Free with optional subscriptions – Download Now Your vote for best IPHONE reminder and task app? Not everyone wants a full on task suite. These are our favorite basic reminder apps to help get you through the day with as little effort on your part as possible. If you prefer streamlined and easy to use reminder apps over feature packed with a learning curve, what task app are you currently using? Do you use the native Reminders app? If not, let us know what about it made you look for other solutions! Note: Originally published, October 2013. Updated, October 2014.

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