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For those that keep losing their twenty-sided die and are tired of hauling around sourcebooks, we’ve put together our favorite role-playing games for IPHONE. You’ll find plenty of action, strategy, puzzle, and gamebook elements throughout these RPGs, but the core fun of slaying bad guys, gathering loot, and levelling up are all here. Without further ado, these are the smartest, best-looking, and most immersive RPGs you’ll find for IPHONE right now. Lone Wolf Lone Wolf is based on the world of fantasy author Joe Dever, and shows equal amounts of literary and graphical polish. Players make decisions through an ongoing narrative based on character traits they pick at the onset, and engage in exciting turn-based combat with a variety of enemies. Combat mechanics require timing, finesse, and smart resource management to get through alive. There are three acts currently available through in-app purchases for $4.99 each or as a season pass for $11.99. Lone Wolf provides both richly-textured story with a classic gamebook feel as well as intense action. $0.99 – Download now Order & Chaos Online Order & Chaos Online is about the closest thing you’ll get to World of Warcraft on your IPHONE. Players pick their class, race, and faction, embark on quests, party up with others online, hoard loot, and progress their character with new abilities. There are tons of social elements, like tournaments and guilds, and a lively chat section to keep you occupied between quests. Despite being an obvious WoW knock-off, Order & Chaos is a franchise that has expanded into MOBA and card game genres on mobile. If you’re a people person and an fan of the Warcraft style, give this a shot – you don’t even have to deal with a subscription fee. Free, IAPs – Download now Battleloot Adventure Battleloot Adventure over-the-top art style is immediately impressive, but you’ll quickly find that it has some very interesting game mechanics too. The perspective may seem similar to Battleheart, but at its core, Battleloot Adventure offers a healthy mix of strategic turn-based combat with real-time reflex-driven mini-game elements. Both party members and enemies have specific classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses against other classes. This makes party selection extremely important. As usual, players progress their characters with new abilities as they gather experience, and deck them out in sweet armor and weapons. Come to Battleloot Adventure for the charming art style, but stay for the rewarding RPG action. $0.99, IAPs – Download now 100 Rogues 100 Rogues is a retro-themed roguelike that plays great on IPHONE. It features turn-based gameplay, randomly generated dungeons, and permanent death. These types of games are notoriously challenging, and 100 Rogues is no different. As you slay beasts, you earn experience points, level up, unlock new abilities, and upgrade your gear. Fighting off rats, undead, demons, and brigands isn’t the only thing you need to worry about, though; you also need to stay fed, as every step makes you a little more hungry. Make sure to find the exit fast and don’t dawdle. Three classes are available out of the box, with many more ready through in-app purchases. 100 Rogues is incredibly tough, but also has a healthy dose of humor. $2.99, IAPs – Download now Galaxy on Fire 2 Galaxy on Fire 2 is a sci-fi RPG that has players blasting through a beautifully-rendered universe. Quests range from hunting down space pirates to mining asteroids and everything in between. There’s plenty of trading to do, and you can always upgrade your ship and buy new rides with the credits you amass. There’s a lengthy storyline to enjoy, and expansions available through in-app purchases. Galaxy on Fire 2 is a rich, exciting, wide-open RPG perfect for sci-fi fans. Free, IAPs – Download now Ravensword: Shadowlands Ravensword: Shadowlands is about the closest thing you’ll get to playing an Elder Scrolls game on your IPHONE. The game features a vast, open fantasy world with stellar graphics and all the questing you could ask for. Players earn reputation with various factions, slay all manner of beasts with steel and magic, while evolving their character based on their playstyle. For RPG fans that need a big world with lots of back-story to chew into, Ravensword: Shadowlands has you covered. $6.99, IAPs – Download now Arcane Legends Arcane Legends is a fantasy MMO which plays more like an action game than Order & Chaos Online. Players pick one of three classes, and are partied up with other players online on an ad hoc basis – odds are you’ll naturally bump into and team up with others on the same quest as you without needing to send party invites or anything like that. The most distinctive part of Arcane Legends are the pets you can acquire which help out in a number of ways, like attacking enemies or gathering loot for you. For those that want the multiplayer RPG experience but are looking for something a bit more lightweight than Order & Chaos, Arcane Legends is great. Be sure to check out Spacetime Studio’s other MMOs if you’re looking to mix things up. Free, IAPs – Download now Chaos Rings 2 Chaos Rings II is the conclusion to a built-for-mobile JRPG franchise by Square Enix. Players are thrust into the crucible of crisis as a hero fated to sacrifice innocent lives to save the world. Throughout the game you chose to embrace or defy your destiny and combat otherworldly creatures. The action follows the familiar turn-based structure, and boasts stellar 3D graphics. Grab Chaos Rings II if you’re in the market for an over-the-top epic, or better yet, start off with the original Chaos Rings and the sequel, Chaos Rings Omega, before getting into this one. Chaos Rings 3 is already in the Japanese app store and should be available in English soon. Square Enix has also ported and remastered all of their classic games for mobile, so be sure to check them out if you’re into the Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest series. $15.99 – Download now The Banner Saga The Banner Saga is a highly polished tale chock-full of Norse mythology. Jump between meaningful dialog sessions and turn-based tactical combat with 25 different characters spanning 5 different classes. Manage scarce resources to improve your heroes and keep your band moving across a cold and desolate landscape. The art style alone in The Banner Saga is enough to pick it up, but it also strikes an excellent balance between strong, character-driven story and classic RPG-style combat. $9.99 – Download now Dungeon Hunter 4 Dungeon Hunter 4 is a traditional action-RPG with stellar graphics. Players work their way through a linear storyline, slaying all manner of monsters using one of four different character classes and their unique special abilities. As they progress, new powers are unlocked and new gear is picked up and upgraded. Players can hook up online for co-operative of competitive multiplayer. Sure, the hack-and-slash gameplay might not be a massive departure from what you’re used to, but you know what they say: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Free, IAPs – Download now Your favorite IPHONE RPGs? Those are our top picks, but there’s a lot out there in the App Store. What are the best role-playing games you’ve enjoyed on iOS?

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