This contest is a little outside of what we normally run around here, and it’s probably against what should be a Mobile Nations company policy. But you know, since I’ve neglected to write that policy yet, and it’s a quiet Saturday, and we’re a big mobile loving community that helps each other out, and I’m personally going to give away some awesome prizes, I think it’ll be ok. At least this time. :) So here’s the deal. My better half has been away at school all year taking her MBA. She’s coming into the home stretch, working on her big final thesis project which is focused on Premium French Fashion brands and the opportunities and challenges facing them in North America. She needs people to take a survey she put together. She asked if I could help the spread the word, so that’s what I’m doing (trust me… I owe her!). She’s primarily looking to collect data from females in North America, but guy or girl and anywhere in the world, you’re welcome to take the survey (none of the data collected will be sold or made public of course – this is purely for academic reasons). And if fashion and shopping isn’t your thing, see if you can coerce your better half to take the survey. If you do, you both can win!! TAKE SURVEY, CHANCE TO WIN PRIZES To enter, you or your other are going to need to spend 6 – 10 minutes filling out the survey. I know, I know, it’s more work than leaving a comment to enter. BUT, the prizes are pretty awesome! FOR HER: She can win a $150 gift certificate to ShopBop or SlasherGirl. FOR HIM: He can win any one of the phones out of my personal collection above. Sure, it’s a hand-me-down of sorts, but it’s still awesome!! Up for grabs is a BlackBerry Q10, BlackBerry Z10, HTC One M8, Nokia Lumia 1520 or a 64GB IPHONE 5S. OR…… You can always just take the survey yourself, not tell your SO, and keep both! :) That’s all there is to it. The winner will be selected on October 11th and contacted via email. Good luck, and THANK YOU! >> CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE SURVEY

Source: The IPhone Blog

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