#CESlive: TwelveSouth on being Mac only

Posted by phil on Jeudi jan 9, 2014 Under IPAD, The IPhone Blog

Our own Rene Ritchie and GeekBeat’s John P. are live from CES 2014 talking to TwelveSouth on being exclusive to Apple and the Mac. From MacBook to IPHONE cases, TwelveSouth isn’t just Mac friendly, they are Mac only. Anyone who has used Mac for years is no doubt familiar with the TwelveSouth brand. Not only are they the makers of the tremendously popular BookBook cases for IPHONE, IPAD, and Mac, they’ve been making accessories for the Mac for a very long time. Aside from cases, TwelveSouth also makes stands and other ergonomic products made specifically for Apple products. Check out the video above for an interesting interview on TwelveSouth’s take on making Apple only products. If you’ve ever owned a TwelveSouth product, let us know which ones are your favorites! For even more CES 2013 coverage, keep your browser locked to our #CESlive page for all our coverage.        

Source: #CESlive: TwelveSouth on being Mac only – The IPhone Blog

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