A now yearly tradition, Apple has kicked off another Back to School sale, this time for the folks in Australia and New Zealand. $50 or $100 gift cards – $65 or $125 in NZ – are up for grabs on new Macs, IPHONEs and IPADs, as well as the discounts applicable to education customers on those same products. Here’s who qualifies: To save up to $250 on a Mac with education pricing and get a $100 App Store Gift Card — or get a $50 gift card with an IPAD or IPHONE — you must be a uni student, a student accepted to a uni, a parent buying for a uni student, or a faculty or staff member from any grade level. If this sounds like you, hit up either the Apple Store in Australia or New Zealand and snag yourself a deal for the new year.        

Source: Apple’s annual Back to School sale goes live in Australia and New Zealand – The IPhone Blog

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