Apple’s IPHONE finally goes on sale on China Mobile – the worlds largest carrier – this coming Friday, and ahead of this CEO Tim Cook has joined his counterpart from Apple’s latest carrier partner for a small media briefing. Pre-orders have been going extremely well, and Cook is said to be \ »incredible optimistic\ » as reports the Wall Street Journal: Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said he is \ »incredibly optimistic\ » about the outcome of the cooperation with the Chinese carrier. \ »We’ve gotten to know each other….today is a beginning, and I think there are lots more things our companies can do together in the future,\ » Mr. Cook said. \ »As of this weekend we will be selling IPHONEs in more than 3,000 additional locations. China Mobile already has a reach to many cities that Apple does not have a reach to.\ » The partnership between Apple and China Mobile is said to extend beyond handsets, and into a broad cooperation between the two companies.        

Source: Apple CEO Tim Cook \ »incredibly optimistic\ » about China Mobile partnership – The IPhone Blog

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