Why you should wait to jailbreak iOS 7

Posted by phil on Dimanche déc 22, 2013 Under The IPhone Blog

This morning a JAILbreak was released for iOS 7 by the evasi0n team that covers every device that can run iOS 7.0 all the way up to iOS 7.0.4. Even better, it’s untethered. As the saying goes, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Unfortunately, that’s most likely the case here. The safety of your data There’s currently some information circling that’s pointing to the fact that the evad3rs team may have received an undisclosed large sum of money in order to default install Chinese App Stores onto the device if Chinese is selected as the main language. This may be to lock out other Chinese App Stores from making their way onto the device. Whenever something like this happens without it being 100% clear to the end user, there are safety concerns when it comes to data. Some are going as far to say that the tool spams Cydia repos. Not good. Anytime something like this is a possibility, it is our responsibility to make you, our readers, aware of it. For the safety of your data, we’d highly recommend staying away from the current evasi0n tool until we know more. This would however explain why saurik didn’t know about it, which brings us to our next point… Cydia, stability, and compatibility Apparently saurik, the creator of Cydia, had no idea about the JAILbreak ahead of time. He’s already said he can’t guarantee how anything will function on iOS 7. So far saurik has gotten some core functions of Winterboard working but hasn’t pushed the update yet, so there’s that. Let’s also not forget that if saurik didn’t know, neither did JAILbreak developers. That means JAILbreak apps, tweaks, and themes all still need to be updated. In other words, you have no guarantee that anything will function the way it’s supposed to. You’ll have to JAILbreak again anyways The evad3rs team also didn’t test a current build of substrate as older versions have incompatibilities with iOS 7. That means the bundled version of Cydia isn’t official and does not contain any updates saurik has made officially. According to saurik, another update of evasi0n will have to be pushed in order to fix the issue and for him to be able to push updates to substrate in the future. It basically means you’ll have to go through the JAILbreak process again at a later date if you want an updated and compatible version of Cydia. iOS 7.1 For all intensive purposes, iOS 7.1 isn’t that far away. I’m honestly really surprised that the evad3rs team didn’t wait until it was out to push the release button. It’s very possible now that Apple may just patch whatever exploit they’re using before it’s released to the public. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. If any of the iOS 7.1 changes are something you want, consider that before JAILbreaking on iOS 7.0.4 and below. Other things to think about Since you normally need to restore via iTunes, not OTA in order for it a JAILbreak to work, there’s nothing wrong with backing up and restoring via iTunes on iOS 7.0.4. That way you’re ensuring you’ll be able to JAILbreak if iOS 7.1 drops before issues are worked out and Apple stops signing 7.0.4. As always, we’ll update as we know more! But for now, we’d highly recommend staying away from the current evasi0n JAILbreak.        

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