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In years past the staff of iMore and Mobile Nations have shared our favorite devices, apps, and accessories of the year for the holiday season. This holiday season and this year, however, we’re expanding to not only reflect our increased focus on all things Apple – OS X as well as iOS – but on all the technology that works with it, maybe even competes with it, but ultimately extends, enhances, and improves our lives. We’re people, after all, and categories do not contain us! So, whether you’re looking for a gift idea, trying to find an excuse to treat yourself, or are simply curious about what all of us here have been using throughout the year, hopefully we’ll have you covered. Here’s my list for 2013, and a few of my favorite things! Computer hardware 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro I still have my old, first gen Nehalem Mac Pro for podcasting, and might well replace it with a new Mac Pro when they ship, but for the last 17 months my day to day computer, the one I produce most of my work on, is the 2012 Retina MacBook Pro. The display is unbelievable, the power is fantastic, and simply put, it’s the best computer I’ve ever owned. The 2013 model, with Haswell, is even better. $2599 – Buy now 13-inch MacBook Air I can and have lugged the 15-inch around, but since the Haswell MacBook Air was introduced last June, the combination of its lightness and 12-hour battery life has made it the only thing I take with me when I leave the house. The screen is nowhere nearly as good, but the performance is fine and it lasts so long I can fly across country or shut down a coffee shop without even having to think of plugging in. $1099 – Buy now Computer software Napkin As much as Photoshop is now muscle memory for me, making compositions for things like diagrams is by no means instant. Napkin is. All the help and how-to graphics we use at iMore are produced with unbelievable speed using Napkin. It’s exactly the right tool for this job. $39.95 – download Tweetbot Twitter is the social network I use most. It’s my water cooler, and the secondary comment channel for my work. Tweebot fits the way I use Twitter, both on OS X and iOS. I don’t even want to know how much time I spend in it. $19.99 – OS X – Download now $2.99 – IPHONE – Download now 1Password When I install a Mac, I sign in, set up dropbox, and then install 1Password. It manages all my passwords so that I get the best possible compromise between security and convenience. OS X and iOS, it’s my lockbox. $49.99 – OS X – Download now $17.99 – iOS – Download now Audio Hijack Pro Hijack Pro All of our audio podcasts are recorded over Skype using Audio Hijack. I’m sure I don’t use even 5% of it’s’ functionality, but what I use is rock-solid and gets the job done every time. That makes it invaluable. $32 – Download now Final Cut Pro X I edit our video podcasts in FCPX. It’s the easiest, most accessible professional-level video editor I’ve ever used, and I’ve been editing video since the Toaster. Earlier this year, after all of 5 minutes of instruction, I managed to turn around a 3 camera podcast edit in about 45 min. My mind is still boggled. $299.99 – Download now Computer accessories AirPort Extreme Time Capsule I use SuperDuper! to create bootable clones of my main drives, but one backup is about as good a no backup at all, so I also use an Apple AirPort Extreme Time Capsule to incrementally, wirelessly, backup my MacBooks whenever they’re at home and plugged in. The less human intervention is needed for a backup, the more likely it’s going to get done. $299.99 – Buy now Tom Bihn Ristretto bag I love vertical messenger bags and for the last couple of years, whenever I’ve left the house with just a MacBook and IPAD, I’ve left it with with Tom Bihn. It looks great, it wears well, and the most recent version fixed all my gripes. $135 – Buy now Thunderbolt Display Apple’s 27-inch Thunderbolt Display is not only gorgeous but it also serves as a docking station for any MacBook attached to it. Simply plug in an not only does your 11-, 13-, or 15-inch MacBook suddenly get 27-inches of secondary display, but it gets USB, FireWire, and Ethernet ports as well. Apple might field a 4K display sometime soon-ish, but unless and until they do, this will be my go-to. $999.99 – Buy now Mobile devices IPHONE 5s The IPHONE 5c is a ton of fun, but I really do want the future in my hand today. From the incredible camera to Touch ID – I want it on my house! – to the sheer audacity of the 64-bit Apple A7 chipset, the IPHONE 5s remains the most iconic of Apple’s products, in every way imaginable. $199 and up – Buy now IPAD Air I use a Retina IPAD mini for travel – it’s my Wi-Fi hotspot – but when I’m home, when I’m watching videos or reading or using VNC – the big screen of the IPAD Air just can’t be beat. That Apple managed to squeeze a 9.7-inch display into a shell so light is a miracle of engineering. As a window into apps and the internet, it’s magic. $499 – Buy now Apple TV Even though it wasn’t updated this year, the 2012 Apple TV with 1080p is still amazing. On its own it plays pretty much every video service I have available, combined with AirPlay from iOS devices, it plays every bit of video I have access to. Since I cut the cable cord, Apple TV is the only video source I use. $99 – Buy now Nexus 5 I’m a sucker for new Nexus phones. I loved the Nexus One, skipped the dismal Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus, but jumped right back on board with the Nexus 4 and now the Nexus 5. There’s a lot to be said for the more consumer friendly skins, but if you’re going to geek out on Android, geek out on Google’s Android. This year that’s the Nexus 5 and KitKat. $349 and up – Buy now Mobile software Screens What can I say, sometimes I’m too lazy to get up and go to a Mac. When that happens, I open Screens on my IPHONE – or better still, IPAD – and access it remotely. It’s the closest thing to IT nirvana I’ve ever experienced. $19.99 – Download now Air Video HD The new version of an old favorite. It lets you pull any existing video off your Mac or Windows PC and not only watch it on your iOS device, but AirPlay it to your big screen via Apple TV as well. $2.99 – Download now Fantastical I’m terribly disorganized. Fantastical, however, makes it so easy to enter and scan appointments and events that I can’t even make up an excuse not to use it. I keep track of podcasts, calls, everything thanks to Fantastical. Mac and iOS. $3.99 – IPHONE – Download now $19.99 – Download now Marvel Unlimited You know all those awesome Marvel movies, like Avengers, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, X-Men, Spider-Man, etc.? They call began as comic books, and almost all of their classic and best story lines can all be found in Marvel Unlimited. I just re-read Walt Simonsons Thor run, and previously re-read Frank Miller’s Daredevil and everything ever drawn by Art Adams. Next up, some classic Avengers. Think of it as Netflix for comics, right on your IPHONE and IPAD. $9.99/month – service – Subscribe now Free – app – Download now Netflix Speaking of which, Netflix on IPHONE, IPAD, and Apple TV is still a glimpse into the future of video. While traditional networks cling to cable – and want to make us login with cable accounts – Netflix is simply streaming great catalog content to us for one low price a month. I’m watching Supernatural right now, but if you haven’t seen Buffy, Angel, and the West Wing, you should feel bad about owning a television and start with those right now! $7.99/month – service – Subscribe now Free – app – Download now Mobile accessories mophie powerstation duo I have nothing against plugging my IPHONE or IPAD in when I’m going to be, or in the car, or even at my desk. However, when I’m traveling, and especially when I’m at trade shows, it can be a long time between outlets. That’s why I typically have a couple of mophie powerstation duos with me. Each one has double USB ports and can charge an IPHONE full twice over. They’re big bricks, but they’re life savers. $99 – Buy now Hue lightbulbs I currently light my studio with 3 Philips Hue lightbulbs and 2 blooms. I have 2 Hue lightbulbs in my kitchen, and 1 in my hallway as well. I intend to keep adding to them until most of my lighting is powered by Hue. Why? Because I can control it from my IPHONE or IPAD, and that includes not only each individual light’s intensity, but color as well. Watching Star Wars while your room is lit red and gold like Tatooine dawn? Priceless. Start with the combo back, build from there. $199 – Buy now SONOS home theater system Kevin Michaluk has been recommending SONOS to me forever. I have an open, octagonal living room and I’ve never been happy with the way I ran speaker wire around it. When my old receiver started vomiting HDCP errors all over the place, I decided it was time to pull the trigger. Now, my TV and network cable plug straight into a Playbar, and two Play:3 speakers handle rear surround duty. I also have the SUB on order. It looks great, it sounds great. It can be controlled by my IPHONE or IPAD, and, no more speaker wire. $699 – Playbar – Buy now $699 – SUB – Buy now $299 – Play:3 – Buy now Camera gear Canon 5D Mark III Yeah, it’s stupid expensive, but it’s full frame and so light sensitive that no matter how badly I do taking a shot, more often than not I can salvage something usable. For keynotes, for trade shows, for hero shots on iMore, that makes it invaluable to me. $3299 – Buy now Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens It’s not terribly expensive and it takes shots that are unbelievably gorgeous. One of the best values in photography, and the lens we used to capture much of Talk Mobile, and almost all trade show videos this year. $339 – Buy now Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 lens This is what I use to shoot keynotes or anything where I’m going to be a good distance away from the subject. It’s probably not quite as good as the Canon version, but for what I’m doing, there’s no appreciable difference and Sigma makes a fantastic product for the price. $1399 – Buy now Incase DSLR Pro bag I’d previously used the Incase DSLR slings, but had grown to dislike non-balanced bags. (Back and neck problems, ugh.) I just ordered the backpack, and its combination of amazing camera and lens storage and laptop pocket makes it just about perfect. $149.95 – Buy now Miscellaneous Global knives I love these knives. I buy one or two every year. Yes, they look like the cheese grater on the classic Mac Pro, but that’s just a bonus. From the single piece design to the amazing quality, there’s just nothing else like them. The starter pack, with block, is pricy but if you cook a lot, oh so very worth it. (And these are the kind of gear you can pass down through the generations.) $918 – Buy now AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker Espresso machine? Need a masters degree. Drip coffee? Burned on the bottom. Instant? What are we, animals? French Press? So last decade. Unless you earn Clover money, right now AeroPress is where it’s at. Easy enough for everyone, good enough for a serious coffee snob. (I just wish it came in Apple-style aluminium.) It’s a single-cup solution, but there are multi-cup marvels as well. $29.16 – Buy now Tonx coffee Most of the brown liquid we ingest these days isn’t coffee. It’s a stale, over-caffeinated, coffee-flavored something. Tonx is coffee. Fresh roasted, fresh shipped, punch-you-in-the-face-when-you-open-the-bag coffee. It’s absolutely delicious. Variable – Buy now SodaStream Kevin Michaluk is to blame for this one as well. When he visited Montreal, he was shocked that I didn’t have a SodaStream, so bought if for me on the spot. I’ve been bubbling ever since. Here’s the deal – you supply the water, they supply the carbonation. You can choose to carbonate that water well beyond sanity, and you can also add flavors if you can’t take it straight. I take it straight, middle level. $79.00 – Buy now Your favorites? That’s some of my favorite tech – and tech-supporting – stuff from the last year. I’d love to know what you love, however, so let me know!        

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