Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Air review

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Aside from Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard Folio for IPAD Air, they also offer a thinner and lighter option in the form of the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. For anyone who has ever used a Smart Cover before, you’ll already know exactly how to use it right out of the box. The Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is one of the thinnest offerings I’ve seen in terms of keyboard cases, but does that come at the cost of usability? Let’s find out! The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover has been a favorite of mine all the way back to the 3rd generation IPAD, so I was excited to get my hands on the newest model. As far as keyboard layout is concerned, Logitech doesn’t disappoint. The keyboard is very easy to type on and contains all the shortcut keys many of us have come to expect. While there isn’t a dedicated row of iOS specified keys like there is on some of the other offerings, there is a Fn key that works just as well. There is, however, a dedicated Home button key. Shortcut keys include lock, Siri, pause/play/skip tracks, volume, international keyboards, cut/copy/paste, and more. The international keyboards button is directly to the right of the space bar so it’s easy to access if you need to quickly toggle between keyboards. Where design is concerned, the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is one of the lightest and thinnest offerings currently available for the IPAD Air and if you’re concern is not adding any unnecessary bulk, the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover lives up to that standard, just as it did with its predecessors. Just be willing to compromise protection since it offers almost none. If your IPAD Air happens to take a tumble, the likely scenario would be that the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover would simply break away and both would crash to the ground. If you happen to drop it face down, it may save the screen from breaking but that’s about all you should expect. In terms of everyday usage, the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is rated at about 3 months battery life is you use it for around 2 to 3 hours each day. Much the same as many other keyboard cases since 3 months seems about standard. This particular model comes in both black and white as well so you can match it to the color IPAD Air you purchased. Part of the reason I have loved the Ultrathin Keyboard Covers is that they are so easy to remove and replace. Part of the enjoyment of the IPAD Air is that it’s so lightweight. That means when I’m laying in bed or reading a book on it and don’t need the keyboard, I don’t want it there. With some folio style cases, it can be a production to remove the IPAD. With the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, I just snap it apart and then replace it when I’m ready to type. The convenience may be worth the compromise in protection for a lot of people. The good Slim design adds little to no extra weight considering the cover houses a full keyboard Hinge is strong and stays in place Keyboard layout is one of the best I’ve ever used Easy to snap off and snap back on in less than a second Access to all ports and connections without removing the cover The bad Gap on the side when closed could be bothersome to some folks Minimal protection, none at all for the back of the IPAD Air No dedicated row of function keys, Fn button instead, not a deal breaker though given the small size of the keyboard The bottom line Logitech makes some of the best keyboard cases available today and the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is every bit as good as its predecessor. For those looking to maintain the lightness and slim design of the IPAD Air, the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is one of the absolute best options out there. $99 – Buy Now See also: Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio for IPAD Air review Zagg Keys Folio for IPAD Air review        

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