When Square Enix dropped Deus Ex: The Fall into the App Store, there were a bunch of disappointed IPAD 2 owners who couldn’t play it. Thankfully, an update has now pushed out and those rocking the IPAD 2 can now get their fix. Not only that, but the game has experienced a \ »major update to the enemy AI, meaning that enemies do not lose sight of the player.\ » So, a whole bunch of new players, and a slightly more challenging game to play. Sounds like a win win. Grab it now from the App Store, and if you’re now just experiencing the game for the first time, come back and tell us how you like it. $6.99 – Download Now IPAD 2 Deus Ex: The Fall Apps Games        

Source: Latest update to Deus Ex: The Fall adds support for the iPad 2 – The IPhone Blog

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