The best plaintext, Markdown powered writing apps for getting reports, essays, and articles done! IPADs are quickly replacing laptops as the tool of choice for highly-mobile businesspeople, reporters, students, and casual users alike. Not only is an IPAD much easier to carry around than a laptop, there are lots of apps specifically tailored for writers of all kinds. We have already taken a look at the best journaling apps for tracking your personal thoughts, now we’re going to look at the best writing apps for turning those thoughts into letters, essays, reports, articles, novels, and more! If you don’t need Pages-style document layout, but you do need more than notes, these are our favorites… Editorial Editorial for IPAD has a customized keyboard which makes it easy to pick out the characters you most frequently use. It supports Markdown complete with a dictionary and help resource, and there’s a built-in browser so you can preview your progress as you work. On top of these features, you also get snippet support, configurable actions, and so much more. We’re talking full Python interpreted scripting. Yeah. Editorial also supports Dropbox sync to save and backup all your files. If you write a ton of content in Markdown, love to script workflows in Python, and otherwise crave advanced features, get Editorial. $4.99 – Download Now Byword Byword supports not only IPAD but IPHONE and Mac as well. Complete with Markdown previews, publishing options to several different blogging platforms, and more, Byword also supports both Dropbox and iCloud syncing so you can use whichever you prefer. If you want IPAD, IPHONE, and Mac support, along with instant publishing to WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Scriptogram or Evernote, get Byword. iOS, $4.99 – Download Now Mac, $9.99 – Download Now iA Writer iA Writer supports Markdown, along with a specialized keyboard for it, live preview options, iCloud and Dropbox sync, and more. iA Writer also features something called Focus Mode that dims the rest of the text around the sentence you’re working on. If you’re easily distracted Focus Mode in iA Writer is a great feature that can help keep you on track. If you don’t need publishing options and would prefer something with a lower price tag, iA Writer is a good choice. $0.99, iOS – Download Now $4.99, Mac – Download Now Elements for Dropbox Elements for Dropbox syncs, as the name suggests, through Dropbox, which means you can not only open any documents you create on IPHONE and IPAD, but any text editor on any platform. You can even create custom folders to keep your content even more organized. Elements also offers Markdown support and the ability to export HTML or PDF formats. If you want something incredibly easy to use, and something that just works with any and all other plaintext editors that can be pointed at Dropbox, get Elements. $4.99 – Download Now Write Write supports Markdown, with specialized keyboards on both IPHONE and IPAD versions, iCloud sync, and more. One of the best features of Write is its support for third party apps and social sharing. Clear, Evernote, Tweetbot, Google Drive, and Reminders are just some of the apps that integrate directly into Write. Aside for social sharing, Write’s Remote Keyboard feature lets you pair your devices and use one as a keyboard for the other. If you want tons of options for sharing and the ability to pair devices together for a better more advanced workflow, get Write. $1.99, IPAD – Download Now $1.99, IPHONE – Download Now Your favorite writing apps for IPAD? Those are the IPAD apps we most often use to get our writing done, but now it’s your turn. What’s your favorite, go-to IPAD writing app? Best Apps Writing Apps markdown editors Apps Guides Featured        

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