The US Department of Defense is currently testing various Apple iOS devices and on completion of the tests is set to purchase 650,000 iOS devices. The news comes from Electronista who has a source familiar with the situation. The new devices are set to replace the existing older BlackBerry handsets that can’t run Blackberry 10 software. Following completion of the first phases of the project, as well as a few other initiatives coming to fruition, the Department of Defense will be ordering just over 650,000 iOS devices from the Cupertino manufacturer following conclusion of the sequester. Previous reports had revealed that the testing program had cut out BlackBerry 10 devices in an effort to save money. While the testing program is still underway, our well-placed sources familiar with the matter have told us that \ »some of the needs can’t wait\ » and as soon as the sequester was over, the order would be placed. The 650,000 devices are thought to be made up by 120,000 IPADs, 100,000 IPAD minis, 200,000 iPod touches and the final 230,000 would be made up of various current IPHONE models. The new iOS devices would be distributed around the world, some to battlefields, some onboard ships and of course within the Pentagon. This will no doubt be a huge blow to BlackBerry who has always seen itself as the phone people turn too when security is an essential option. Now that it looks like Apple will get the business it must leave BlackBerry in a poor position. This is definitely a huge feather in Apple’s cap and one we are sure to hear a lot more about in the future. Source: Electronista

Source: US DoD set to dump BlackBerry and purchase 650,000 Apple devices – The IPhone Blog

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