Two letters from Steve Jobs

Posted by phil on Samedi mar 30, 2013 Under IPAD, The IPhone Blog

David Gelphman, former software engineer at Apple, shares a very personal, very human interaction with the late Steve Jobs: In March 2010, just a couple of weeks before the IPAD was due to be released publicly, I had a reason to contact Steve. A friend of mine was dying of liver disease and I was going to San Francisco to hopefully see and communicate with her while it was still possible. She was a friend from my Adobe days and was very much into technology. I thought it would be a treat for her to see an IPAD. And I had one. But until the product was officially released I could not show it to anyone without permission from Apple management. [...] So I wrote Steve: Read to the end. Source: David Gelphman

Source: Two letters from Steve Jobs – The IPhone Blog

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