How to add friends to Game Center on iPhone and iPad

Posted by phil on Jeudi mar 21, 2013 Under IPAD, The IPhone Blog

Game Center is a great way to play multiplayer games on your IPHONE and IPAD with existing friends as well as play with new ones. If you have a friend who you’d like to be able to play against and you have a lot of the same games in common, you can add them as a friend in Game Center which makes it easy to create a match up any time you’d like. Follow along and we’ll show you how. Launch the Game Center app from the Home screen of your IPHONE or IPAD. In the bottom navigation menu, tap on the Friends tab. You can add people under the recommendations section or to add someone specific, tap the plus sign in the upper left hand corner. Here you can type in their Game Center ID if you know it or their email address. You can also customize the message they will receive if you’d like. Now tap the Send button in the upper right hand corner. The recipient will now receive a notification that you’ve requested to add them. If they don’t already have Game Center, they’ll be emailed an invitation to create a login. That’s all there is to it. Now you’ll just have to wait for the person on the other side of the invite to accept it!

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