Mobile Nations Podcast Feed Mobile Nations on iTunes Mobile Nations YouTube The Nexus Phone family: Four generations of Android Who needs a Nexus 4 (and why)? Why you shouldn’t worry about Android 4.2 updates What does it mean for RIM to be in carrier lab testing with BlackBerry 10? Here’s another BlackBerry L-Series image to remind us it’s not yet Q1 2013 WHAT IF BlackBerry Messenger had gone cross platform? Checking out the Galaxy Nexus Open webOS port virtual keyboard Enyo 2.1 app framework lands with improved theming and globalization support Galaxy S3 gets the cleanest Touchstone mod yet Tim Cook’s Apple IPAD mini unboxing and hardware hands-on and IPAD 4 unboxing and hardware hands-on IPAD buyers guide (Late 2012) and IPAD mini vs. Nexus 7: Which should you get? Verizon finally shows off Windows Phone 8 with new tagline WSJ now reporting on a Microsoft branded Windows Phone Overview and review of Windows Phone 8 Mobile Nations Monday Brief Featured Video Monday Brief

Source: Monday Brief: Windows Phone 8 in detail, New members of the Nexus family, BlackBerry 10 carrier testing and more! – The IPhone Blog

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